Thursday, May 3, 2007

Great Online Advertising

watch this:


Ryan Wright said...

Love it. Especially the wigs, which gives it a French twist. Imagine Velvet Revolver tearing up a site...awesome.

Here are some more from a 360 post in February:

cachao said...

For those of you who do not know French, the ad agency made it very simple since there are no words, just great slapstick comedy and very clever animation (watch the character "invading" the swimsuit window...even if it's slapstick it has to involve sexylingerie)
However and aside from the comedic aspect, it just shows that advertisers are now trying to keep their "viewers" longer on each page, telling a story (whatever that is) rather than just hard selling
The offer is the same to the one that all competitors offer but that brand makes it much more appealiong and sexier
Thanks Alex for recognizing the superiority of the French advertising over the German one !

Alex Falken said...

Pleasure! (I guess, it's my French roots, otherwise I would have rather cut my arm off :-))