Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Disc-Go Vending Machine

My name is Clint and I recently started interning here at SONY BMG in the Global marketing department. While attending college I was broke and most of my movie entertainment came from Redbox. Redbox is a vending machine that rents videos for $1.00 per day. Most machines are placed in convenient locations like Supermarkets, drugstores and McDonalds. I loved the fact that it was convenient, cheep, and I was in control. After one use I was hooked.

This week I came across an interesting article that focused on a new wave of vending machines where music is the focal point. Using the new Disc-Go, listeners can create their own CD full of whatever songs they choose. Not only are the prices affordable, but consumers are given the power to decide how many tracks they want at any given session.

Since installing the machine in his store, George Daniels, manager of George’s Music Room in Chicago, has noticed a large increase in single sales and a flood of new business. George says he loves it “because it puts me back in the singles business.” This shows the importance of being aware of new sales opportunities, especially in a business where change in technology and tactics are constant. Already a fast growing trend for movie rentals, this may be a good way to market physical singles for the near future??

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