Monday, May 28, 2007

Pepsi Preaches Dubs n' Decks

PEPSI continues to show its creative edge and as always has music as a central part of its strategy. Below are its latest online initiatives which includes a fun "Move the Crowd" component where Dusko pratices his skills preparing for the weekend.

Continuing its 2007 Choreography initiative, Pepsi-with Tribal DDB Worldwide again at the creative helm-is now tapping both car and club cultures with two microsites that'll likely rouse both pimped ride enthusiasts and bedroom DJs. With Street Motion, Pepsi teamed with DUB magazine to entice competitive auto-philes to design their own set of rims, from base and spoke to center cap and inlays. The artistes can indulge in a broad spectrum of colors, and a multitude of styles for each component, with the top dub winning its creator a real-life set of his or her design. But for those tuning out the bling-friendly fare, DJ Division gives vinyl-spinning neophytes the chance to stake their claim on the 1's and 2's with its "Superstar DJ" contest. Starting June 15th, the site will feature nine DJs each from twelve separate regions squaring off to land a spot in the finals (ending on September 7th) where users at home can then rank their performances, with the winning mixmaster joining Pepsi's elite DJ Division. All it takes is an uploaded MP3 of your best mix to enter, but for those with a bit of stage fright, the site also offers a "Move the Crowd" option where you can create your own beats and loops from the obscurity of your home computers.. Check out the US campaigns at
Pepsi - 'DJ Division' and 'Street Motion'

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