Tuesday, May 1, 2007

5 Visions

What happens when you give 5 video directors one script, each commissioned to shoot a film the way they interpret it? How different would each film be?

This is a competition that Clarins ran promoting a film festival in Argentina called Project 155. If you have seven minutes to watch the whole thing tell me which one you liked the most. Just a tip- you may want to skip the first short film because I think it is the worst, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

I like this idea. I think music video directors, for example, are under-recognized. What if we work together with MTV to create 5 different short music videos for one song, leading up to the EMAs? The idea being to celebrate the "directors" rather than just the artist. Using our artist and music as the drawing board.


claretsR said...

This was fascinating did everyone have the same Budget as i cleary thought the second one was the most cinematic

Ryan Wright said...

Yes, same budget. #2 must work for Jive, high quality for 1/4 of the price - except for that aweful BSB glamrock video two years ago (Laura Bartlett's favorite).

I liked this piece because Latin directors always seem to be my favorites...City of God, Central Station, Motorcylce Diaries, Y Tu Mamá También, etc. Their movies always feel so much more gritty and real.