Monday, March 5, 2007

Viral Brand Video Games

KEMPT is a gaming technology company that makes simple on-line games based on any brief they're given. For example, Sony Electronics have used them to create a game featuring their Walkman Flash Player called Toon Crisis.

The game is simple and surprisingly inexpensive to create.

Once Kempt develops the game, they then use Killer Virus (a credible on-line gaming company among gamers) to spread the game around virally through gaming sites, blogs, etc.

They then track the number of unique visitors to the game, number times played, number of times forwarded on, % of returning visitors, etc using MemeCounter (below). You can see from the tracking below that ToonCrisis has been played over 5 million times over the past 3 months, with 25% of its traffic returning to play again. At the minute I was pulling this info, there were 36 players currently on-line playing. Average viewing time is 3.32 minutes.

Seeing some of the different games Kempt has come up with, they are clever. Given the right artist and brief, perhaps this is something we could do with one of our artists. If the game is interesting and fun enough, it could be a great viral marketing tool.

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