Thursday, March 15, 2007

Creative Banners

The few music or artist related banners I've seen around the web are BORING and frankly, two-dimensional yesterday banners. Today's technology offers us so much more in on-line banner capabilities. Some are micro-sites within themselves. Others are just simply clever.

Here is a series of ads that Play With US, a UK advertising agency, has created to illustrate the point:

Scene One
Scene Two
Scene Three

We should not be placing "buy this album now" banners any longer (been there, done that) - instead, the banners should be interactive, 3 dimensional, and much more clever! They could be a click-through, leading you to a much larger-scale campaign, the artist's site or a competition landing page, etc.

Check out this axe feather page which was first created as a banner. We need to do something like this with Christina Aguilera.

Food for thought.

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Jon Davis said...

FYI the Axe Feather Campaign has been one of the most successful pieces of digital activities for Lynx. Over 12 million visits were recorded to the site in 11 months, average tickle time is 8 minutes!