Sunday, March 4, 2007


SHEMARKETING recently held a seminar on “The Science Of Marketing To Women”. I didn’t attend but I got all 125 slides of FMCG gold. Considering we’re in the business of emotion, they did have some theories relevant to our industry. I’ve got the Powerpoint Presentation if you want to see all the slides, but below is my exec summary…

Women are more likely than men to relate incoming messages to more facets of their lives, what they call “multi-dimensional selling proposition” i.e. whilst men are more likely to see a product at face value, women are more likely to connect this product to their work, family, friendships and health.

Women want to be spoken to in a new, fresh and different way, e.g. the 28–35 year old “independent princess” tends to reject the traditional norm, something to consider in artist positioning

Women want to be respected and recognised as multi-dimensional (not stereotyped), e.g. the 50+ “Young At Hearts” reject the old-lady stereotypes and love being busy, something definitely at the core of the “Il Divo” success.

Women want to be spoken to using emotion and story telling, e.g. sub-plots in video clips and emotional messages in advertisements

Women will choose a brand that celebrates and supports through awards and charity support, e.g. in Australia Mt Franklin “pink” bottled water for Breast Cancer is supported as it’s relevant, emotive and consumer focussed

Women want to feel a part of a network or community, e.g. Dove connected women together for their “ordinary model” skin care campaign

Women want to be communicated to proactively and according to key milestones, e.g. weddings, births.

Women want to escape and have time-out, e.g. the 35-45 year old “Family First” category are stressed, have little indulgence time and still want to enjoy a social life. Very applicable in the promotion of music.

We obviously can’t summarise a complete gender so broadly, but after reading it through I felt that there was quite a bit applicable to artist cores, compilation imagery, video clips and TVC executions we can adopt to even better connect our products to women. Food for thought.

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