Monday, March 12, 2007

Nike's Festival of Air

There are some campaigns that just grab my attention, shout 'That is sooo cool' and make me wish it was one of my ideas. This is one of them I came across last week....

This award winning campaign was centred around a platform Nike created called 'The Festival of Air' designed to show the benefits, heritage and technology of Nike Air shoes.

The 'Festival of Air' platform saw the creation of a month-long set of events at NikeTown in London, featuring a series of interactive elements including running and basketball challenges, data capture and virtual shoes.

Nike fans were able to put their skills up alongside the professionals to see how far they could jump vs LeBron James or see whether they could out run Paula Radcliffe. Their performances were captured live in store, beamed up to giant screens and turned into their own personal versions of the Nike adverts which were then made available to download, share on the web and displayed instore and in Nike windows. How cool is that?

Completely immersive, co-created connected marketing.

Now how can I copy this?

Click here to check out a video overview of the campaign

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