Monday, June 25, 2007

Norway Innovation

Ditlef represented the Nordic countries at our global Alicia Keys & Foo Fighters meetings last week in Los Angeles. Why Norway and not its much larger neighbor Sweden you ask? Well, first, because Ditlef is much better looking than Johan. Second, Ditlef has a twin brother and also twin sons so he knows all about equal representation and fair sharing. And third, because the Norwegians are super cool, as shown here in the coolest video ever made to lure children into the magical world of engineering (my son is 7, dies for trains and has watched this spot a hundred times).

Hydro is a Scandinavian producer of oil, gas and aluminum.

If they can make gas & oil interesting, music should be a no-brainer.

Thanks Ditlef!

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JS said...

This is wrong in so many ways...