Friday, June 15, 2007

Bob Marley's Exodus into Memory Stick Mode

New ideas in a digital age are crucial. How can we release and market digital music in a new and exciting way? …and how can we make hard copies so special that people will want to buy them, even though they already have the digital format? The creators of Bob Marley’s marketing and distribution plan for an upcoming anniversary release of Exodus, seem to have caught that vision. A limited edition of Exodus will be featured in a unique USB stick/dog tag mode, featuring 10 original songs from the album, in addition to other audio and video content, including three video tracks recorded at London’s Rainbow Theatre in June 1977. The original album will also be re-released in vinyl, which is a great selling point for a hard copy release.
Other merchandise available for the album's 30th anniversary include a commemorative CD, limited edition CD/DVD with concert footage, a commemorative book and a t-shirt based on the Exodus tour t-shirt.
Gotta think outside the box!

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