Monday, February 5, 2007

New Mobile Handsets

There are a lot of great new music/entertainment handsets launching this year. And as we all know handsets and devices drive digital consumption. I had a chance to play with two good new devices recently. Nokia held an event last weekend where a bunch of got to play with their new n-series phone (N95). The handset is the best entertainment device that Nokia has created to date and it will be announced at 3GSM in Barcelona this coming week.

SonyEricsson also recently released a new handset. The Walkman Series 950. It is a very slick looking handset that has a touchscreen and 4GB of internal memory. The iPhone will certainly bring a new awareness of OTA (over the air) downloads to the masses but the fact that SonyEricsson, Nokia, and Samsung (to name a few) are releasing good music-player handsets will be a very good thing in assuring that the mobile music space evolves in a way where this is not an iPod-like dominance.

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