Friday, February 2, 2007


BEYONCE (yes I dressed her) ON STARDOLL.COM!

Check out Stardoll, a Swedish site that’s just exploding with close to 5 000 000 members (60% in the US, 30% Germany… UK, Poland, Sweden etc.) targeting girls 7-16... who as we all know rule the world of music and fashion trends worldwide.
Like a Myspace or Facebook, Stardoll is a word of mouth phenomenon. And it is travelling from school yard to school yard all over the world. Rapidly.
The site simply lets the user dress up star “paper” dolls in different outfits, design personal dolls, decorate their own space and basically just hang out with friends. It’s also possible to buy virtual clothing items and accessories for real money. The next natural step is, ta da, music!

Stardoll is already talking to managements and record labels in the US, hoping to make it possible for the users to design their own space/room with not only virtual furniture, posters and teddy bears… but with real music playing in your virtual stereo.

So far Stardoll has no advertising or any other commercial message, other than their own limited edition virtual clothing brand (!!!), but that’s about to change. Take a few minutes to check it out:

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