Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feed Your PSP

The PSP platform is creating interesting new opportunities for packaging content other than games. It's been a few months since Lonely Planet launched their series of City Guides for the console, but now there's another source of on-the-go gadget-fodder.

FeedYourPSP is a brand new online magazine created for download directly to a PSP. Regularly updated, the site will feature everything from celebrity interviews to short films, from learning how to play Urban Croquet to going behind the scenes with bands like Hard-Fi.

The current issue has:

  • Advice on how to get your festival kicks in the winter
  • Pro-level grass cutting tips from the groundsmen of a Premiership football club
  • An investigation into the Nu Rave scene
  • A review of the recent Air Guitar championships.

If that doesn't grab you, there's also an archive of content you can dip into when you fancy. The sheer eclecticism of these snack-sized reports should keep even those with the most limited of attention-spans entertained during those tedious commutes home...

Sounds interesting. If this catches on, it could be a tool to send teaser clips of new artists or singles/videos or info.

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