Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tapping into Youth Activism

Last month Youth Trends wrote about the pro-environment trend that is becoming increasingly popular with the youth market. They received some feedback and questions from readers, so this month they decided to delve a little bit deeper into the trend, which they will loosely define as “youth activism.” This is a fact: Gen Y cares more about social and environmental issues than Gen X does or ever did for that matter. By simply looking at Gen Y’s higher levels of activity when it comes to volunteering for a group or a social cause the aforementioned statement seems easily supported. Case in point, take a look at college network mtvU. The network has dedicated a channel on its that includes a call to action for students to get involved in a variety of causes, and it’s having a positive effect. Whether it’s creating awareness about the genocide in Darfur (Gamers Against Genocide) or joining the virtual march against global warming, mtvU has tapped into a hot button of youth culture. Youth Trends feel the leading brands will distinguish themselves in the cluttered media environment, by attaching themselves to a relevant and important social issue or cause.

This is the key takeaway. The perception among the audience, even among many who may not be directly involved in activism is simple: at the end of the day, they would rather support and be loyal to a brand that is “doing some good in the world” and not just pushing their products and services.

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