Wednesday, January 3, 2007

iPod or Mobile Phone?

(Interesting forecast from a marketing trends publication this week)

Music maker

Which came first, the cell
phone or the iPod? Seem like a
dumb question? Well, in this age
of multifunction devices, the
answer appears to be making a
big difference to the future of both

Europe’s Entertainment
Media Research, which surveyed
3,000 British consumers in its
2006 Digital Music Survey, found
that given the choice of a dualfunction
phone/music player
device, 46% would prefer to use
a phone that also played media
files. By comparison, 21% would
choose a dual-functionality
iPod/MP3 player.

Even current iPod owners preferred
the phone-based option—
40%, compared to 27% who
favored the iPod-based option. Still,
uptake of the technology is slow.

While cell phone companies have
not made a killing on dual functionality
as of yet, as more phone-toting
teens gain financial control of
their cell accounts, music downloads
will follow.


John Fleckenstein said...

I agree... mobile is the future. I am dumb.

Mervyn Lyn said...

It's strange that they have launched the iPhone in the US even though it's not 3G and you can't download music from iTunes on it.
I'm with mobile as the 3G option is already here and can hold 1000 songs already.