Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Getting high with Jamiroquai

Check out this super cool gig. Not sure if we're involved....

Jamiroquai have announced details of an ultra wacky gig. The guys will play onboard an aeroplane, 35,000ft in the air, to an audience of 200 people, on February 27 - and we are promised there'll be a heap of A-listers on the special flight.

The aptly named Gig in the Sky event, which will be played on a specially modified Boeing 757, will set the world record for the highest ever concert. (Specially modified? Enough to handle a Jamiroquai gig? With most planes these days you have to put his hat in the cargo hold!)

The eccentric, motor-loving front man, Jay Kay, has said: “No one's ever done a gig like this before. Rock and roll is all about pushing back the boundaries and The Gig in the Sky certainly does that." It certainly does Jay, but is it eco friendly? And, more importantly, can we have some tickets?
Yeah right – and gigs might fly!

You can actually win tickets – we just couldn't resist the gag! – by logging on to www.sonyericsson.com/giginthesky and entering the prize draw. And if there's no luck there and you're already a Sony Ericsson customer, you can watch the concert by downloading it to your phone later in the year…

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