Sunday, April 22, 2007

Coca-Cola: Virtual Thirst on Second Life

Last Monday, Coke launched their first entrance into Second Life, titled "Virtual Thirst: Coke+Alt+Refresh". The most interesting aspect of Coke's launch is that they didn't just build some huge island, a mecca to the Coke brand, as has been pretty much the status quo so far with these virtual world branding attempts (i.e. SONY BMG Music's Media Island).

Instead, Coke took a fresh approach, asking Second Lifers themselves to create a Coca-Cola virtual vending machine that would quench a "virtual thirst". What is your virtual thirst? This is how they got it right - it's not about what Coke wants you to be... it's about what YOU want you to be. This approach aligns perfectly with the core purpose and attraction of Second Life... to be able to experience things that in First Life are impossible - a perfect combination of limitless creativity and supernatural ability.

Here are two examples of submissions so far:


Stefan Goebel said...

...and music plays a key part - again! Have been to Sony BMG's SL island several times and have always been the only visitor.
Think it needs a "fresh-up" too!

Ryan Wright said...

totally agree. sonybmg island had approx 13k visitors since we launched it in Nov 2006... not very many really. i think this is part of a bigger problem with second life. every brand knows it's part of the future in some form or another so they want to be involved, but no one really knows how to use it.

find me on there some time. my name is Galt Runo.

Stefan Goebel said...

cool. I'm Anabuki 1971.
saw some stories in the papers that people are about getting bored on SL and don't come back.
think this also needs some more time for the technique to develop as SL can become very interesting when all fascinating future technical devices/possibilities will be fully converged and it will all be fast and convenient.

Alex Falken said...

Alexandra Grizot

Ryan Wright said...

Cool - maybe we could do a 360 blog party on 2ndLife one day :)