Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sky high release & (possibly) a Guiness Record?

The Norwegian artist Magnet has been signed to SONY BMG Norway, and we thought a 4th album release had to be done a bit differently to properly reignite the interest for this experienced artist.

So this Tuesday, we're doing it... differently!

  • Gather 100+ key journalists, taste makers, & key retailers
  • Pack our Passports and Speedos :)
  • Bring a representative from The Guiness Book of World Records to witness the event.
  • Hold a release party & mini-gig @ 35,000 ft above sea-level onboard an SAS flight from Oslo to Iceland.
  • Once in Iceland, have a mini concert in a Geo-thermal seawater lagoon
  • Upon return to Oslo, attendees go directly to a concert hall where the artist plays a full gig in front of a paying crowd. Party party...
  • The Airline picks up the tab for all the flights.
  • The event becomes one of the most talked-about happenings in Norway 2007.

Credit goes to the label manager and promo dept for brilliantly putting this together
and creating a massive amount of buzz & attention around the release. :)

It might not be digital business, but it's at least new! ;-)

Jan Henrik

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