Sunday, April 13, 2008

Track ID : Liberty City Style...

Rockstar Games has taken the concept of a track identification service one step further for their imminent Grand Theft Auto IV title. One of the best features of the previous game was the ability to tune into several themed radio stations when driving around the city, each featuring a playlist of cool (and not so cool) tracks from the Eighties. This time, not only have Rockstar increased the number of stations available, but players can dial up a track ID service from their (virtual) cell phone and the game will 'text back' the name of the track and the artist, AND give you the option to buy the relevant track in Rockstar's own download store or Amazon mp3. This is a nice twist to the in-game radio that could drive download sales, as well as increase awareness of real-world track-ID services.

Check out the flash video below.

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